Services for Students & Alumni

One-to-One Writing Consultations

Students may sign up for 45-minute long consultations if they need help in completing any course assignment or independent project with a writing or communication component. Such projects may include an abstract, a term paper, book review, paper proposal, article draft, sections of a thesis or dissertation, a conference paper, application materials for jobs or graduate school, or an oral presentation. Faculty can refer students to the WCC, or students can come on their own initiative. Common writing and communication goals achieved during consultations are:

  • generating ideas
  • developing prewriting and revision strategies
  • organizing and developing ideas and arguments
  • quoting, paraphrasing, summarizing, and documenting outside sources using prescribed documentation styles
  • enhancing sentence structure and vocabulary
  • improving grammar
  • understanding conventions of academic and non-academic writing genres (e.g. argumentative essay, statement of purpose, CV).
Appointment Expectations:
  • We cannot proofread or edit papers, but we can help to locate the writer's patterns of error and help develop strategies for effective self-editing.
  • We cannot rewrite passages and thus take away the writer's ownership of the paper, but we can guide the writer's revision process through constructive feedback, i.e., questions and explanations.
  • When the plan of the session is negotiated, priority is usually given to structural issues, such as organization and development, and then to the questions of language and style.
  • We may not be able to cover all writing topics in a single consultation, so it may be recommended that the writer return to the WCC or perform independent work.

Consultation time is usually broken down this way:

  1. The plan for the session is negotiated based on the student's requests and consultant's assessment of the student's needs (3-5 minutes)
  2. The plan of the session is completed (35-40 minutes)
  3. The session goals are reviewed and recommendations are recorded in a session report, which is then sent to the student and the professor (3-5 minutes)


English Conversation Practice

Students who would like to enhance their spoken English by practicing spontaneous conversation with a native speaker or near-native speaker of English can arrange a session. Those wishing to have a group discussion should coordinate their availability with interested peers before requesting a session.



Workshops are organized around specific topics that are based on common needs of students. WCC workshops comprise conceptual and practical components.

The WCC will send out announcements prior to workshops and will ask students to register.


Helpful Electronic and Print Resources

Materials containing explanations of major communication topics and exercises can be obtained from WCC staff in hard copy or requested electronically.