Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to print out my paper before coming to the consultation if I have already attached it to the registration form or email?
    Yes. You should never assume that the consultant has printed out your work even if you had attached it.
  2. Can I come to the WCC if I don't have anything written yet?
    Yes, definitely. In this case, consultation time can be devoted to parsing the assignment, helping you generate ideas and come up with an outline.
  3. Can I get feedback on a long paper (more than 5 pages)?
    Yes, but papers longer than 5 pages require a lot of time to read. The best thing to do if you have such a long project is to share the whole document with the consultant, but specify the sections you want to concentrate on during a single session.
  4. Are WCC services free for NES students and faculty.
  5. Can I sign up to work with a particular consultant?
    Yes. You need to look up the working hours of each consultant on our web page, see their areas of specialty and register accordingly.
  6. Do I have to have an appointment if I want to meet with a consultant?
    No. During the times specified on the schedule, you may show up to meet with any consultant who happens to be available. Students who make appointments, however, will be given priority.
  7. Can I come to the WCC for conversation practice?
    Yes. You may come to the WCC for conversation practice or help with any aspect of oral or written communication.