Citing Sources: Why and When?

The Purpose of Citing Sources: 

  1. Citations protect the intellectual property of the people who originated the ideas, research, or information that you are using to build your case. 
  2. Citations are allowing readers to track down the sources you used for your research in order to verify the credibility of your claims or begin conducting their own research on the topic you are writing about. 
  3. Citations add credibility and authority to your writing.  They make it apparent that you are informed about the topic.

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Engaging, Acknowledging & Citing Sources


Engaging Sources: Acknowledgement, Response & Citation

Being a form of discourse, argumentation involves engaging or anticipating other perspectives on the topic at hand.  It thereby follows that in argument-driven writing one must determine the best ways to address those perspectives, inform readers of their relevance and respond to them in a way that supports one’s claims.  The list below should give you some ideas for how to do so.

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