Maria Bognat ~ Peer Consultant

image1 copyI am currently a HSE-NES BAE student and I started my work as a WCC Peer Consultant in September 2017. This job offers me a chance to work with students and to help them develop their English skills. In addition to this, there are a lot of people from different parts of the world both working and studying here, each with his/her own unique life experiences, so it is a perfect place to get to know some cultural features, which is one of my spheres of interest.

Moreover, I am keen on working with school students and have successfully prepared them for final school exams in English Language and Maths as a private tutor. I like to see the results of my work: children become so happy when they get high grades! That is why I am here: to help you develop your writing and speaking skills in order to become a competent professional in your field of study.

Actually, the position of Peer Consultant includes teamwork: we work on your writing assignment, resume, cover letter, essay etc. TOGETHER. I hope to be helpful for you!