Ekaterina Semenova ~ Consultant

ЕС фотоEkaterina Semenova graduated from Russian State Social University with a degree in linguistics and interpreting and currently teaches “General and Business English” to MA students at NES. She holds a number of Cambridge language certificates and a Certificate for Teaching Business English FTBE LCCI. Ekaterina obtained a Fulbright scholarship in 2011-2012 and spent an academic year at Brandeis University, Boston, US, which was subsequently followed by a language scholarship for studying Hebrew and Jewish culture at Middlebury University, Vermont, US. She also worked for the subsidiary of the state company Rosatom which gave her an immense outlook on how a huge state business works. All together these experiences created a broader understanding of her own and foreign cultures enabling her to incorporate this understanding into more fulfilling and engaging language training courses specifically in the business and financial fields. Her interests lie in the areas of history of languages, Germanic linguistics and mythology, logotherapy and psychology of emotions.