Ashley Squires, Ph. D. ~ Director

IMG 6400 thumbnailAshley Squires is an Assistant Professor of Humanities at the New Economic School, where she teaches Advanced College Writing and courses in American culture, such as "Religion and the Making of Modern America" and "Theodore Dreiser in International Perspective." This is her third year at NES. Ashley received her Ph.D. in English from the University of Texas at Austin in 2012. Her research and teaching are inspired by writing pedagogy, American literature, Western religion, and the medical humanities. Her book project, Healing the Nation: Literature, Progress and Christian Science, which was published by Indiana University Press in 2017, investigates the impact of Christian Science on late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century American literature. Her articles appear in Arizona Quarterly, American Literary Realism, Studies in the Novel, Book History, and Literature Compass

Tatiana Skopintseva, K.N. ~ Consultant

SkopintsevaTatiana Skopintseva graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University. She holds a Ph. D. (“kandidat nauk”) and an Associate Professor (“docent”) degree from the Department of English Phonetics of MSLU. Tatiana is also an IREX scholar exchange program alumna, UPenn. She has authored and co-authored publications on English pronunciation, including the MSLU textbooks English Phonetics for Communication and Mastering your English Pronunciation.

Tatiana has designed the following pronunciation courses: "Effective Pronunciation Techniques for Oral Communication" for MSLU EFL graduates and "Well Pronounced" for NES MA students.

Her fields of professional interest include phonetics and phonology of prepared discourse, ELF, sociolinguistics and dialectology.  Her areas of specialization are: English pronunciation and accent, speaking techniques, voice and oral presentation skills.

Natalya Sarana ~ Consultant

Sarana NatashaNatalya Sarana is an Assistant Lecturer in Philology at the Higher School of Economics.  She earned a M.A. in Comparative Literature from HSE in 2014 and a B.A. in Journalism in 2012. She has also studied at the University of Westminster in London, where she attended a course on "Adventures in Writing" for the Department of Social Sciences, Humanities & Languages. She has published work on Leo Tolstoy, and her research interests include Anglo-Russian literary relations in the second half of the 19th Century, the Crimean War, Leo Tolstoy, and British memoirs (particularly modern political memoirs).  Natalya Sarana is available for consultations in English or Russian.

Rebecca Darnell ~ Consultant

Rebecca Darnell is currently a graduate student at HSE and has worked with the NES WCC for almost two years. She received her undergraduate degrees in International Relations and Russian Language/Area Studies from American University in Washington, DC.  The majority of her undergraduate studies focused on the relationships between migration, insurgencies, and discrimination, particularly in post-Soviet spaces.  She interned at Congress and taught English at a language school in Ryazan, Russia.

Ekaterina Semenova ~ Consultant

ЕС фотоEkaterina Semenova graduated from Russian State Social University with a degree in linguistics and interpreting and currently teaches “General and Business English” to MA students at NES. She holds a number of Cambridge language certificates and a Certificate for Teaching Business English FTBE LCCI. Ekaterina obtained a Fulbright scholarship in 2011-2012 and spent an academic year at Brandeis University, Boston, US, which was subsequently followed by a language scholarship for studying Hebrew and Jewish culture at Middlebury University, Vermont, US. She also worked for the subsidiary of the state company Rosatom which gave her an immense outlook on how a huge state business works. All together these experiences created a broader understanding of her own and foreign cultures enabling her to incorporate this understanding into more fulfilling and engaging language training courses specifically in the business and financial fields. Her interests lie in the areas of history of languages, Germanic linguistics and mythology, logotherapy and psychology of emotions.

Matthew Overstreet ~ Writing Fellow

a5rnRaZs 400x4002Matthew Overstreet has taught writing in both the United States and Asia.  His last stop was the University of Pittsburgh, from which he will soon receive a PhD in rhetoric and composition.  In his free time, he enjoys jogging along the banks of the Moskva river.

Maria Dolbunova ~ Consultant

Dolbunova Maria100210Maria Dolbunova earned a M.A. degree in Linguistics and Teaching from Moscow State Linguistic University and a M.A. degree in International Policy Studies from Monterey Institute of International Studies (Ca, USA). Besides English she has taught courses on International Negotiations and Cross Cultural Communications at the Diplomatic Academy for the Ministry of Foreign Relations, Moscow State Institute of Foreign Relations (MGIMO University), Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics and Moscow College of International Economic Relations. The experience of working in non-profit and corporate fields has influenced her approaches to teaching. Her interests include cross cultural differences, international education, and business communications, as well as philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.